property management

Briargate Management now offers property management services to individual owners at competitive prices.

 We will work with you to come up with a management plan that suits your needs from placement services to full management.


Property Management services can include:

Tenant correspondance

Rent collection and Accounting

Maintenance and Repairs (requires owner to set up an expense account)

Unit turnovers and Eviction processing (Evictions at the cost of the owner)

Specialized purchasing and selling services


Why is Briargate Management a smart choice?

We are a widely known name throughout the Rockford area

We get hundreds of leads each week through our different methods of advertising

We give our potential tenants friendly and attentive service

Our tenants feel comfortable referring their family and friends and have multiple returning tenants within all our properties

We have a 24 hour maintenance line- maintenance is a priority and we are effective in getting issues resolved in a timely manner.

We will give YOU and YOUR property the time and attention you deserve!


Please call or e-mail to inquire on the service fees.


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